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Open Door Experience
Everman High School Band
Shelby Shaw
Johnson County Motorsports
Family Crisis Center
Cub Scouts 3409
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Thanks for visiting our Rendon TX Events special news and events page. We’re glad you found us and hope that you find what you are looking for in entertainment news and events. When you click on the slider pictures above they go to the article or the YouTube Videos. We want you to send us any special events or special news about Rendon Texas that you would like for us to post on this page. We appreciate you helping us keep the people in the city of Rendon informed. When you send us news and events for Rendon, we need a picture and the article website link, and any information you would like for us to write about the event. Please send us local events for Johnson County and/or the city of Rendon only. If you have another city or county in mind, please see our County Directories for a list of cities we are currently servicing.

We hope to keep you informed on special upcoming Rendon TX Events to stay focused on what you the reader would like to see. With your help we can keep your community informed about latest news and events on the Rendon TX Events page.

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